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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Many years back beyond my own memory there used to be a caste system practiced in India. I do have some memory of it living in the village where all the four communities worked in tune with each other in a society that was truly interdependent. I personally never witnessed any form of discrimination for anyone but it may be due to the fact that everyone knew their role in society whether good or bad, and I don’t want to go in that direction at this time. I am of the firm belief that we are now past that stage of the caste system as we have managed to create a new caste system which is based on new realities of society we live in today.

A few months back I had the opportunity to visit a very famous temple in South India. As I am not a great believer in God and religion, I try and avoid such places. But when I decide to go I maintain the sanctity of the place and am always aware of the feelings of those that are there and do everything as per the norms because I respect the belief of people. I was amazed to see something which got my attention. The Temple had four different types of lines for the “Dashan”. The first line was for those people who were classified as VVIPs and they could walk in swiftly and reach directly in front of the idol of God accompanied by people who were aware of their arrival and there was no cost to their entry. The second line was for the VIPs who were to pay Rs. 1500 to be part of the faster track to merge with the larger lines just before the main area of “Darshan”. Then a third line for those that had to pay Rs. 500 and finally a line for those that did not have to pay anything. This was really a very long line and I am sure it required a long wait for the “Darshan”. I was certainly not a VVIP to go in for free and fast. I did not want to pay to meet GOD so I had only one option and that was to stand in the line for hours which I decided not to do and left the temple premises.

I am sure that if God does exist then he would not have wanted anything like this to happen and the fact that something like this happens casts a doubt on the very existence of “GOD” who has no control over what we are doing here on the planet earth. Now you can start thinking that this is not a practice only in the temples but in a lot of other places like weddings, public events, yoga sessions organized by the Gurus and many other such events.

We have overcome the old caste system and have now adopted a NEW CASTE SYSTEM in place of it. This is the power of money, a caste system defined by ability to accumulate wealth and power. Now I understand why people who belonged to a certain caste in the old system have used them to create wealth for themselves but don’t care for the people of their own caste. This is because they are now not from the same caste. They are now in the upper caste on the economic scale of society.  Will the caste system ever die or will it only change its color.