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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Have you ever had a dialog with GOD? Well I guess I am fortunate to have had that opportunity in my early years as a young man and since then we have not talked to each other, not because we did not want to but more because we did not have the need for it.
In my dialog with GOD, I asked him what the purpose of my life is. He said if I tell you that then the whole purpose will be lost. Thus, now that I have put you on earth it is for you to find that purpose on your own. I then asked GOD, will you help me in this journey to find the true purpose of life and he said I already helped you by bringing you to the starting point but from here on you are on your own. I asked GOD once again; I think you are being very unfair with me as you are leaving me in the wilderness of material world and I can’t count on you in times of crisis. GOD looks at me with amusement and said that there are two things I want you to understand before I leave for my work on creation. First, there is nothing as being unfair as it is just a relative term and has no absolute meaning to it. It will all depend on whether you are looking upwards or down. Second, I do not create any crisis in the world that I created, so if you pass through a crisis in life, don’t hold me responsible for it as you are the only one who is responsible for what you do.

Good GOD you have made things so clear to me I thought to myself but went on to ask: So GOD, please tell me if I ever need you, how do I get in touch with you? There came the reply, If you spend your life in search of the purpose of your life and you sincerely want to reach that stage at some point, you will never need me. You will need me only when you are going to deviate from your path but I will never be there. But if you continue on your journey, you will find me everywhere even when you don’t need me. I have no shape, no color to my existence and thus you will never see me. I want you to remember, I will not come in the path of your journey as that would destroy the whole sequence of events and change the course of my own creation. Then GOD went on to say, the people that I created before you have put me to shame at times as they feel that they can influence me for their personal gains, they have built lofty monuments in my name and call them my house. I guess I am supposed to be living there. They have however, forgotten the very purpose of my creation and I want you to remember the purpose of creation. Don’t build temples in my name, just do what you are supposed to do and you will never need me in this life.

I went on with more questions: Well GOD please help me understand why you will not help me when I am going to be nice to you, I will worship and pray to your glory, I will give charity in your name and I will spread your name to world. GOD looked at me and smiled and then said: I don’t want you to bribe me with anything; this is done only in the place I have sent you and may be you can work towards removing such ills from there. You just have to care for my creation. Anything that I have created is part of me just like you are a part of me. If you damage or hurt any of my creations then you would be hurting me. Even when you hurt yourself by doing things that you should not do, you will be hurting me. So just go and take care of my creation and serve them as you would have desired to serve me and you would have begun your journey of self-discovery and the true purpose of life. If however, you fail to do this, you would be interfering in my task of creation.

I wanted to go on but asked the final question: Please tell me GOD, I have been reading the holy books and they say so many things that I am supposed to do to ensure that you will have mercy on me in this life. GOD looked at me with a smile and said there are some good things in those books but I did not write them. Have you seen my name as the author of those books? These books were written by those who travelled far ahead in their life in search of the purpose of life. You can read them but don’t forget what your purpose in life is and as long as you are on your journey for self-discovery, you will not need them.

I looked at GOD as asked: GOD then can I enter into a contract with you since you are my creator. I promise you that I will never interfere in your task of creation and you will not interfere in my journey of self-discovery as you have already said that you will not help.

With his hands raised there was a smile and my eyes opened, it was six in the morning and time to get ready to go to school. 

So far I have honored the contract and we both seem to be happy.


  1. Very inspirational piece of writing. If we all set on a journey of self discovery, the world would be a better, calmer place to live in.

  2. Well what I can say is that after reading this I feel that the best way is to respect and appreciate the God's creation whatever it may be and flow with the life as it comes and do your best.
    At least with this approach one will never harbor any confusion about the nuances of life and keep things as simple as possible.