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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The search for the answer on what is the purpose of life has eluded almost every human being on this planet. Some say it is the search for the ultimate truth but then the question arises whose truth we are talking about. Truth is perceived differently by different people depending on the situation and the circumstances. The problem we face is that truth is normally evaluated in terms of the impact it has on our day to day life and thus even when we know that we are moving away from the ultimate truth, we still continue to swing away from it because not accepting it gives us a sense of joy which may be only temporary. Truth is a two sided coin for most of us. The firs side is the truth that we expect for others and the second side is the truth we expect for our self. There is a lot of difference between the two sides of the coin and may be in this struggle between the two sides, we lose track of the universal truth or the ultimate truth.

In any evaluation of truth we also encounter situations when there is truth that results in personal gain and we may be very much ready to accept it and follow it to the end. On the other hand there is the other side of truth that results in personal loss, although only temporarily, and we want to give it up. This is how most human life is structured as it is the material world that dictates our choice of which truth we end up accepting and which we reject at first sight.

The only way for us to understand the ultimate truth is to first try and understand the composition of the self. Every individual has an inner self and an outer self and these are normally two different individuals. The closer these two individuals come to each other, the higher the level of perfection can the individual achieve in life and closer to the Divine they can get. The inner being is the person that is not visible to anyone and thus hidden from world view. The inner self is the one that has control over what the outer self does which is visible to the outer world. If an individual were to reflect on their own thought process, he comes to a conclusion that in most instances when we are saying something to others we know that what we are saying is not what we are feeling within us. So is the truth being overshadowed by our own perception of the world view outside the inner self?

I believe that all of us have a hidden side to our being and that is known only to us. The objective should always be to try and superimpose the outer self on the inner self in such a manner that they become one and the same. This is not easy as long as we are attached to the material world. I do not want my readers to think that I am suggesting that people should give up everything in life. What I am suggesting is that we all need to make efforts to move towards a reconciliation of the inner and the outer self. The speed at which we can achieve this will define the level of perfection we can expect in life. This also will to a large extent determine the movement towards ultimate truth and the acceptance that we are humans and full of flaws.

I believe that our life is designed to be more than human but the web of the world view does not allow us to move in that direction. Unfortunately as humans we are saddled with the burden of emotions and thus many a times we are unable to make the judgment between right and wrong. May be to be more than human we need to be less emotional in life (just a thought). To me truth is being able to live with your inner self because it is the inner self that knows the truth whether you follow it or not.

Try and live a selfless life because everything you create is for the use by others only beyond you. The truth of life is that nothing is permanent and we are just on a journey to seek the ultimate truth.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. Definition of truth is different for different set of people. More than truth, I think realization of truth is more important.