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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


OpenBook: EMPTY HANDS: I do not have any memory of the time I was born but people told me later in life that my hands were empty and I did not have any cloth...


I do not have any memory of the time I was born but people told me later in life that my hands were empty and I did not have any clothing on my body, I did not have any friends nor did I have a bank balance. I was also told that people around the house were very happy while I was crying to have landed in this world not knowing what I was getting into. I still do not know why I was crying but as I grew I started to realize that may be it was because I was too simple as being in relation to the complex world I was being put into. The fear, the anxiety and the complexity might have taken a toll on me at that time..may be..may be not.

Caught between the science of birth and magical power of the heavenly there any explanation to my entry into this complex world? Growing up in the midst of poverty all around taught me some very valuable lessons early in life. First that life has never been fair to all. If you lead a good life you must be blessed to be living that way. I realized that there were so many people in this world who are better than me but I still lead a better life than them. What kind of fairness was this? Is this because I was born to be better than others or was it an accident in the cycle of life and death. This question still haunts me each day as I lead my life towards the final destination. Secondly, I realized that people are generally nice; it is our own imaginations about other people that make us a very small person. Now I have started understanding why I was crying when I was born.

Today, we live in a world that has lost all humanity; the difference between being human and being an animal has become so small. We trust our animal pets more than we can trust our fellow humans. Probably we believe that since animals don’t have the power to think, may be ..maybe they will not hurt us. This is the point that we have reached in our human existence. We have become so greedy of the material possessions that we are willing to close our eyes to what is happening to humanity as a whole. We are today able to justify all our wrong actions as those necessary for living in this world. Money has become the driving force for everything that we do. We have lost our sense of proportion and have lost the fear of God (if there is one). May be in our quest for a grand material life we have given up on God and even at times have tried to buy him out. The question that always bothers me is; how much money is enough for each of us? We are giving up on our value and ethics for that additional money that we can steal from other people. This only makes some better off at the cost of some becoming worse off. Money has taken the form of piece of bread that is thrown to the dogs on the street and each of them wants to have all of it ending up in bitter fight. Is our society moving in that direction and can we do something about it is big question mark.

 Standing on the sidelines and watching the Nation be robbed of its wealth each day by the so called leaders is a reality for all of us and that is why I say that as a society we have lost our sense of balance. Nothing that we will acquire in this world is going to go with us and for sure it will be left behind. We will go back the way we came with empty hands. 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The search for the answer on what is the purpose of life has eluded almost every human being on this planet. Some say it is the search for the ultimate truth but then the question arises whose truth we are talking about. Truth is perceived differently by different people depending on the situation and the circumstances. The problem we face is that truth is normally evaluated in terms of the impact it has on our day to day life and thus even when we know that we are moving away from the ultimate truth, we still continue to swing away from it because not accepting it gives us a sense of joy which may be only temporary. Truth is a two sided coin for most of us. The firs side is the truth that we expect for others and the second side is the truth we expect for our self. There is a lot of difference between the two sides of the coin and may be in this struggle between the two sides, we lose track of the universal truth or the ultimate truth.

In any evaluation of truth we also encounter situations when there is truth that results in personal gain and we may be very much ready to accept it and follow it to the end. On the other hand there is the other side of truth that results in personal loss, although only temporarily, and we want to give it up. This is how most human life is structured as it is the material world that dictates our choice of which truth we end up accepting and which we reject at first sight.

The only way for us to understand the ultimate truth is to first try and understand the composition of the self. Every individual has an inner self and an outer self and these are normally two different individuals. The closer these two individuals come to each other, the higher the level of perfection can the individual achieve in life and closer to the Divine they can get. The inner being is the person that is not visible to anyone and thus hidden from world view. The inner self is the one that has control over what the outer self does which is visible to the outer world. If an individual were to reflect on their own thought process, he comes to a conclusion that in most instances when we are saying something to others we know that what we are saying is not what we are feeling within us. So is the truth being overshadowed by our own perception of the world view outside the inner self?

I believe that all of us have a hidden side to our being and that is known only to us. The objective should always be to try and superimpose the outer self on the inner self in such a manner that they become one and the same. This is not easy as long as we are attached to the material world. I do not want my readers to think that I am suggesting that people should give up everything in life. What I am suggesting is that we all need to make efforts to move towards a reconciliation of the inner and the outer self. The speed at which we can achieve this will define the level of perfection we can expect in life. This also will to a large extent determine the movement towards ultimate truth and the acceptance that we are humans and full of flaws.

I believe that our life is designed to be more than human but the web of the world view does not allow us to move in that direction. Unfortunately as humans we are saddled with the burden of emotions and thus many a times we are unable to make the judgment between right and wrong. May be to be more than human we need to be less emotional in life (just a thought). To me truth is being able to live with your inner self because it is the inner self that knows the truth whether you follow it or not.

Try and live a selfless life because everything you create is for the use by others only beyond you. The truth of life is that nothing is permanent and we are just on a journey to seek the ultimate truth.

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Monday, March 3, 2014


It is believed that this universe was not created by accident but by a pre-planned design. Life was probably created to enhance the beauty of the universe or so I may think. Does it mean that the creator still controls your life or have you given up on him and allowing others to control your life on earth. This is a question that I have been asking myself for the last few months and have been trying hard to find an answer. May be the answer lies in our inner self which we seldom try and consult and when we do consult we don’t take the advice.
All of us are here for a purpose; or is there a purpose for us to be born as such an insignificant part of this universe. The vastness of the universe over runs our existence and thus makes us so small in relations to the dream of the creator. Certainly, it is the power of togetherness that might have been the dream of the creator as that gives immense strength which is superior to our individual efforts. Then why is it that we are unable to hold hands for a common goal? Is it our materialistic view of life that becomes the black film in front of our eyes?
We all want to be happy and that is what drives our actions irrespective of how we define happiness. But is our happiness dependent on the actions of others? To a great extent the observations that I internalize lead to the conclusions that we choose to be happy or unhappy based on what we our self-choose to do or not do. Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you.  Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within.
One of the key elements for all of us to think is who is really controlling our life on earth as this will eventually help us in understanding the path to true happiness. My observation has always centered on the ability of other people around us who control our life and more so because we allow them to do so. The key to being happy is to try and keep away from people who emit negative energy. These are people who will try and control your mind and not allow you to be YOU. They normally present themselves and your adorable well-wishers and at times you will feel that there is no one in this world who is more concerned about you. They tend to poison your mind to an extent that you tend to believe them but the fact is that all they are trying to do is to control you emotionally so that you break down to an extent that you are not able to differentiate between what is good for you.  
There is another way that such people try and control you by talking about you to others such that you get to hear from the grapevine. This is an old trick from a magician’s hat and you need to be very careful about it. The devious trick is very simple; once you hear something bad about yourself from others, you tend to lose your focus from the good work you are doing and you become part of the grand design planned by them. Now they have your attention in those areas that will not let you rest in peace. The result is anger, frustrations, and sense of loss of dignity. But as you can see this is what they wanted in the first place and now they are controlling all your actions. They are now controlling your actions and thoughts. So when you hear anything of this type about yourself. Have the courage to confront and put an end to it immediately, or you have the strength to ignore it as if it never took place. Remember these are the people who are trying to control you and distract you from the path you are travelling. They do not have an objective in their life and they cannot see others being happy.
So the next time when you come across such people you should know that your happiness is not going to be in their hands and you will not let it happen with yourself. Look around the people who are around you and you will see those faces hidden behind the mask of humility and goodness.
Take charge of your life as it is the only one you have and don’t let others control it. Happy reading and looking forward to your comments.