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Monday, October 14, 2013


The one thing that has always got me to think is the question: Is there a purpose for our life on earth? The more I think the less I know the answer, as my thoughts take me deeper and deeper in a world without boundaries. I begin to think the reason why it is so difficult to be a true teacher and to make an honest impact on the life of people around us. To some extent the answer lies in our inability to manage our emotions and to walk the path of truth and righteousness. A path that requires us to think beyond self and the family we consider so dear to us. However, in my search for the right answers I have come across many instances where we are confronted with the duel reality of living a selfless life. You can hear the call of the divine but you are also pulled back by the call of earthly life and the false sense of pleasures it promises you. There is however, a greater cause that pulls me back into the same web of the unanswered questions of living life.

I find that most of us never spend any time thinking and pondering on the question of what is the purpose of life? and thus we are always stuck in the vicious cycle of a well defined materialistic world. I never say that one has to give up the material world. What is more relevant is the fact that how we can structure our material world to share the goodness of the divine bestowed on us for the welfare of those who are not so fortunate in life on earth. That is where my life as a teacher becomes different from the rest of the professions of the material world.

As a teacher the first principle is to try and live the life you would want others to follow. These is where the biggest challenge is faced by most teachers as they are good at giving advice but are very poor in themselves living a life as per their advice.  I believe that living a life based on a set of values is critical in changing the life of our students. Thus, as a teacher we will all need to live a life which can bring about a transformation both in the thinking and the actions of students around us. I am not saying that this is an easy task but in my experiments with students I have found that if you can demonstrate through your actions and thoughts the impact on students is visible. It is also true that all students know the difference between what is right or wrong but they have never thought about it when they actually act. So the most important part of helping students live a life with values is to train them in the art of introspection.

The ability of a student to learn the art of introspection should be the beginning of any training in value systems. The generation next has lost the ability to look inwards as it is conditioned by the world outside to such an extent that they have lost the ability to distinguish between the inner self and the outer self. I believe that as teachers we just need to start creating an island around us with life that should be experiential for our students. We also need to live a true teacher’s life that should be clearly visible to our student. Always remember, that how many values you can put in the heart and mind of the student is directly proportional to our own ability to live with those values.

All the best and happy reading. I welcome your comments and discussions on this blog.