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Monday, March 12, 2012


Being born in this world we all have to live a life whether we like it or not. The important question is what kind of life we would like to live? I have always lived a life with a purpose and then devoting my time to the purpose that I have defined for myself. But there are a large number of people who spend more than half of their life just in finding the purpose for living a life. Then another 25 percent of their life time is gone in motivating themselves towards that purpose. By the time they are ready to push that purpose forward a long time has passed and very little can be achieved. Life is worth living and has a lot of meaning if we consider it as an adventure. A journey with uncharted path, a direction where you have to define the path as you move forward. Have you ever noticed that many people whether at work or at home are just not motivated enough to do anything but want everything from life.

At work we find people who will just do sufficient so that they don’t lose their job. They don’t have any passion for their own achievements. They are normally those that will not come forward to take up any responsibility. Many a time they would not even bring up any issue due to the fear that they may be given the responsibility to complete it. They would rather sit and talk about others than to do something constructive. These are the people who I consider as those that have a Borderline living. They follow a marginal approach to life. What they don’t understand is that the only people they are hurting in the log-run are themselves. They tend to have many explanations for their behavior and they can very easily justify their approach to life. They consider themselves as the incarnation of the super human and consider themselves as perfectionists. They tend to believe that they are always right but are very weak workers/ employees. There is another characteristic of such individuals; they are very respectful to their superiors as that is the main weapon of their survival at the work place. They also tend to speak the right language and have strong public relations traits. They are however, not long-term players as sooner or later they trend to get exposed and they have to move on to the next job.

Now let us look at the other group of people who give everything that they have for the purpose they have defined for themselves. These are people who are seen everywhere in the organization. They don’t like to be bound by job descriptions. They tend to find problems all around and take the responsibility to solve them or put a process in place to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to solve them. What type of DNA do these employees’ posses? It’s a difficult question to answer. I feel what we are, is to a large extent determined by a number of factors which include our growing years, the environment, the family conditions and the role models that we are exposed to in early years of our life. I have felt that those people who have been surrounded by people who have made easy money in life, the impact of such environment is likely to lead to a characteristic defined by Borderline living above. Some of these values are also taken from our own families. If you see your parents and family members working hard to make a living, it is likely that the same value systems will become part of your living life.

It is important for all of us to take a look at our own way of leading a life. Income without work is not what we should be looking at. What we earn should be in proportion to the contribution that we make to the organization. Life becomes interesting if you move away from the borderline living to life without border. Experiment and innovate, find new ways of doing things and finally be honest to yourself. If you can do this much you will find the right path to the journey of your life.


  1. An excellent analysis of people all of us come across at our work place and actually even in our personal lives. As you have aptly shared, many factors contribute towards who we have become, but I wonder how can one stimulate more people to move towards the positive side of the fence and make a difference.

  2. Thanks for your comment. you have a point and I will try and address this issue in my next blog.

  3. Really good, i can totally experience this with my employees at work! thanks for sharing your thoughts sir! Richa Malhotra

  4. The reason to admire this piece of writing is that it comes from "you".
    Reason being these people with borderline living are of-course a short time asset to their seniors and
    You being one of the Senior Figure,can certainly enjoy them being around you, INSTEAD you chose to write about it.
    Hats off to you Sir.
    Looking forward to your next writing.