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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It is past midnight and I am trying to complete some work for a major meeting coming up on November 11, 2011. Something seems to be bothering me and I cannot but begin to put my thought on this blog and share it with you all.

I love to be in the company of people who are straight forward, clear, do not put personal interest before organizational interests. However, this a dying breed and soon it will become extinct and thus there is a need to take steps to protect this species.

Most of my learning in life has come from my early childhood or from the place of work. I have always tried to help people to the extent it is possible within the administrative structures of the organization. But in this effort I have also learnt that a lot of employees will try and take you for a ride. The funny part is that they don’t even think that the person that they may be dealing with is not a fool and he will see through the glass. Sometimes I get the feeling that they know what they are trying to achieve is wrong but if they try it may go through.

In recent months I have come across a number of such situations and I feel sad for those people who have tried to do things that I was able to see through and stop them at the right time. The funny part is that they are not ashamed of any of those wrong doings. You may be wondering, what are these wrong doings that I am talking about. Well for those of us who still believe in the value system of a classical teacher, it is a very difficult job to accept certain aspect of behavior of people.

Many times during the year I have had the opportunity to hear employees discuss their problems with me and taking some benefit out of me due to that reason. Then at a later stage I realized that the problem indicated by the employee was really not a problem but it was fabricated with an ulterior motive to receive some benefit. What I am beginning to find is that many employees in a work place are very dishonest to themselves. There are schemes working in the background from where they are supposed to receive benefits which are not due to them. I find that most people consider giving fictitious travel bills for official duty as something that falls in the range of acceptable behavior. I however consider such behaviors as outright robbery. Once an employee came to me and said that he was attending conference and I agreed to it. The funny part was that I was one of the speakers during that conference and I could not find the employee any where during the conference. The most interesting part was when the next morning the employee comes to me to say how great the conference was. I did not say anything except to ask a few questions to see what he had to say about the conference. I still don’t understand why the employee had to go through this in the first place.

The more I think the more I get convinced that there is a tendency for people to lie as they start everything with the assumption that truth does not pay. Second, they have one scheme in their mind and another in their heart. I believe that most of such employees know what they are doing is wrong but they still want to try. I feel sad that even in the profession of teaching such people exist.

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  1. This is not surprising at all. Honesty is a trait very few people posses, specially when it comes to financial matters. They feel that extracting the maximum from the organisation is their birth right. They care a damn about the organisation. They are not attached to the organisation for what they can give but for what they can get from the organisation. The self comes first and the organisation later. When they find that the organisation has nothing much to offer them, they move on in search of better and greener pastures. It is shameful how some people stoop to such low levels for petty gains. Perhaps their greed is more than their means.