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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Have you ever wondered as to why we as people of this country (India) are in such a rush for everything? It looks like we don’t have time for anything and we are always trying to beat everyone to be the first everywhere even at the cost of others. We have to just look around ourselves and we find classic examples of such behavior every day
On last Sunday I was traveling from New Delhi to Surat taking a flight from the Indira Gandhi International airport. There were about fifty other passengers waiting for the flight along with me.  Then came the announcement for the boarding to start and suddenly there was so much commotion at the gate, everyone trying to push the others to be the first one in line. The airline staff kept making announcements that everyone is requested to be seated as the first passengers to board would be families with children and those requiring assistance. However, there seem to be no effect on anyone and the crowed was right at the gate. I started thinking, everyone has a seat number and the flight is not going to take off with all the passengers who are in the waiting area, so what is the rush all about. There is no possibility of getting a better seat because you reach first inside the place. Then why do we create such a ruckus everywhere.
If you have travelled in a train recently you would understand what I am trying to say. We just seem to lose our cool so fast when we are not able to get our way. People start fighting for every small thing. May be it is an ego booster for all of us. Even before the train stops people are jumping into the train and trust me these are people who have valid tickets with reservations and seat allotted to them. No one is willing to give way to the senior citizens, women and the children who are being pushed around. If you try and tell people to take it easy, they look at you as if you are coming from the plant Mars.
Let me give you another example of our life in a rush…  I love to drive by myself and whenever I get an opportunity I take it. Sometimes I feel that I don’t need to have a driver but then I keep him because he has to run his family as well. On the road we have no patience at all, we honk so much as though there are no rear view mirrors in the car ahead of us. May be we are making sure that everyone on the street knows that we are here now. To me these are people who are the new age Brahmins who will honk to let others know they are coming and they should be given the first right of way. On a traffic light the situation gets even worse. You can actually see that everyone is trying to move ahead even on a red light and almost half the road is covered even before it turns green. Reminds me of wrestlers inching closer to each other for a planned attack. The two wheelers are even worse hey will just keep coming from nowhere to park in front of you.  
So what is this rush about? Why do we lose our cool as a society so fast? May be it just reflects our inability to understand how social order needs to be maintained. We do all sorts of funny things and trust me we have such good reasons to explain. Hear this out. I once told a person why was he throwing the garbage on the road and he looked at me and said “does this road belong to you”.  Another person to the same question said “well I am giving jobs to thousands of people, if I don’t do this they will not have jobs”. This is a great explanation for throwing garbage on the street.
I feel that we have forgotten that we are part of a larger society and our own behavior determines the national identity we create for our self. Let us all sit back and reflect as to how we can create a better place for all of us by taking that small step just in the place where you live. Make a difference today... Have patience and don’t be in a rush...
Happy living to all …


  1. Those who live life person oriented style are always in competition with others. Fear, Greed or Ignorance are there motivating factor of life.
    People living life system oriented or principal oriented are never easy with these people. Solution: Make In-Charge in institutions who live life system oriented or principle oriented. (At present we are governed by people who love to live life people oriented be it government or corporations there is no value of justice or principals)

  2. Too many people, scarcity, struggle for existence and survival of the fittest. Soon we would be struggling for water and oxygen.