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Friday, June 10, 2011


We are all so blessed to have been given by our creator so many elements in our life that are absolutely free. We not only use them but we tend to abuse them to an extent that we will leave nothing for the next generations. The bounty of God is not our property and we have responsibility to ensure that we make effective us of them as they are part of our natural environment. Today, I want to talk of another asset that we possess which costs very little to us but we are so miser in its use even though we know that this can change the way people look at life.
Today I want to share my experience with you on the power of a smile and I want you to try it out for yourself and see what a difference it makes to you and the people around you. From time to time there will be situations when it will be difficult for you to carry a smile on your face but the objective should always be to return back with a smile as soon as possible. Every smile is positive energy that travels far and wide like the waves of the ocean.
Smile is something internal to the being inside you; it is a habit that one has to develop. The first important aspect required for this to happen is to be happy yourself. Only happy people radiate energy through a smile. Have you observed why some people are always angry with everything in life? They are actually not angry with others but angry with themselves. They feel that everything wrong in their life is the creation of someone else. I have watched a lot of people at work and in general social setting who are always angry and it is difficult to find a smile on their face. I once met a very senior academician from one of the top educational institutions in India based in Delhi. While interacting with him I realized he was such an angry person. In my two hours with him I could not see any smile on his face. It looked like the world had come to an end. I could see that he had found all the reasons in the world to be such an unhappy person. As you would know from my pervious blogs, happiness is a state of mind and if you choose to be unhappy, you find a lot to be unhappy. I felt bad his family and co workers as I felt he would create such negative vibration where ever he is.
To me there is so much power and energy in every smile that you can change the way the world looks like. There is a saying that if you wear sun glasses, you will see the world in the color of the sun glasses only. When you smile, you give a feeling of youth, energy and you acknowledge that happiness with which you meet people. A smile also tells the other person about you. Every smile has a message that is hidden in it and it is a means of communication without use of any speech. It has the power to reach the heart and make a positive place for you. Your smile can change the place where you work and its general environment. Smile is a means of expressing happiness and there are so many reasons why we should be happy and keep smiling. The worst thing that can happen to us is that we don’t exist anymore and if we are there then there cannot be any better reason to be happy and smiling. When you smile, you make others around you smile as well. So go ahead and try it out tomorrow, just continue to smile when you meet people and you will see it will become contagious. It has a domino effect and it keeps others happy and smiling. Smiles have the power to reduce our fears and apprehensions in life and it provides a signal to others of happy times. Just think why we can’t keep smiling. Life is about smiling in the face of adversity and challenge. Always remember that there are no problems in life, all we are faced are challenges that we need to face and cross as we move along the uncharted path of discovery and self realization.
If our smile can make the day for someone it is all worth it and the best part is that it costs us nothing. Each day make sure that you have helped someone with the healing process by the use of the power of the smile.
Keep smiling….

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