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Friday, June 10, 2011


Have you ever thought or have had an incident in life that got you thinking about being misunderstood by someone such as a co-worker, or someone that you care about. The chances are that we all have gone through this at one time or the other. Today I want to write on the relationship between emotions, feelings and being misunderstood.
As human beings we have built in emotions and the strength of these emotions differs from person to person. Emotions can be strong and at times they can be a barrier to growth and relationships. Have you thought as to why some people cry when they see wrong being done to someone while other may not do that? It does not mean that the other person has no feelings. In fact the degree of our emotions has a major impact on our ability to express our feelings. It is normally seen that those people who are very emotional have difficulty in expressing their feelings. Feelings are rooted deep in our heart and they emerge from the thinking process that is triggered by the emotions that dominate our life. To me personally the relationship between my emotions and feelings are very strong. I also feel I am the type of person who takes a lot of time to express my feelings even though they may always dominate my thought process. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way. There are however, a lot of people who have very dominating emotions which results in low level of feeling for others. They feel that they can predict the feelings of others. In reality this is impossibility as understanding the feeling of any other person is like saying I am God and I know it all.
I am sure you have heard people say “I understand how you feel”, the fact is that no one can understand the feeling of anyone unless they are the person whose feeling is in question. Some times in life you will come across situations when even people who you care for so much will also misunderstand your feelings for them. They may in fact ask you why you don’t have any feelings. The most important thing for you to do in such situations is to try and talk and even then if it does not work, just back off so that you can keep them happy. Give them space and time to reflect back. Don’t be hard on them; after all they are people you care for.
When emotions lead to suppression of feeling or the ability to express feeling, there are chances that you will be misunderstood by other as a person without feelings. You may feel let down by such events but the idea is to continue to explore yourself and find ways to express your feelings.
Happy introspection

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