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Sunday, May 22, 2011


During the course of my career growth, I have had the opportunity to interact with people from different sectors both in education and in the corporate world. I am blessed to have met some of the best people who have had a profound influence on my life and work. I have also met people who have made a place in my mind for a very different reason. I have learnt immensely from them as to what I should never do in my life. These are the people that I call as the “I, Me and Myself” category. They have something so unique that you can’t ignore them. I am sure that you will also have come across such people in your life. Some of the characteristics that define them as follows:
1.       They don’t see the world in the same way as normal human beings. They feel that they are the center of the universe in the same position as the Sun and every other planet (person) has to go around them for light.
2.       75 percent of their body weight is ego and thus it is very shallow from within. They however have the “I know it all attitude” and have answers to all problems in the world or at least that is the way they feel about themselves.
3.       They have a false sense of pride about what they have achieved, which is mostly stolen contribution of their co-workers. They never give credit to anyone within the organization for their contributions.
4.       They talk only about themselves but they are good at talking the right things. The will generally tell you what you want to hear but they are very poor on their value systems. They will compromise their principles if there is a personal gain for them self.
5.       These are people who are always trying to show how much they work and are seeking out from others to tell them how good they are. They build castles in the air and thrive on bubbles of illusion they create within the system.
6.       They are the happiest people when you message their ego and you can get away with murder as long as you do that. They are heavily dependent on incompetent people and they always surround them self with such people as they have the tendency to hire only those who would know less than them.
There are so many other characteristics that I can list but I think now you would be able to recognize them fairly well. They are everywhere in all organizations. They treat their subordinates with disrespect and they will be on their knees in front of their superiors. So what is this breed of people and how do they reach to higher positions. Well the answer may be simpler than you expect. First such people tend to attract each other just as incompetency promotes incompetency. Each of them has the tendency to step on the shoulders of others to go higher in life. It does not matter to them if you are not able to take the weight of their rise. If you promote them there is always the risk that they will stab you on the back when the right time comes. They are outright dangerous people and it is important that we identify them at the right time.
So what can we do to overcome the barriers that such people will create in your career path? Well there are several things that we can do to change the course of our life when we are in such situations.  First it is necessary to understand and have the confidence that if you are good at what you do, no one can stop your progress they can only postpone your progress. So it is a matter of time and such barriers have an automatic exit path and your life becomes better. Second, remember that running away from an existing problem is a bad solution, it is important that you work through the system and find possible solutions. The nature of problems may change from one organization to another but there are no organizations that have no problems. So hang in there and start making a positive impact by working in a self less way. Even incompetent people appreciate good work; it is just that they never acknowledge it.
So if you are facing a problem in working with a bad boss you may not be alone and don’t lose your sleep over it. Remember if your boss is bad it is very likely that they will not be there for too long. Begin to make a place for you self in the organization and prepare for your growth post you boss leaving the organization.
Also don’t forget to think if you yourself are one of the “I, Me & Myself” type person who is a barrier in the life of other people around you.
Happy introspections…..
Note: This blog was written after my meeting and discussion with an old student in Mumbai yesterday.


  1. Candid, right on. Thanks for writing and sharing!!

  2. candid, right on!!
    Thanks for writing and sharing

  3. There are three life styles: person oriented life style, system oriented life style, principal oriented life style. Take population across the globe as a pyramid, base is made of people of person oriented life style. It is more than 80%. Below 20% people live life system oriented. few people are principle oriented. It is most easy to live with or opposing people, so most population stay there. They always talk about people. Works and Principals are secondary to them. Never choose these people as In-charge of any system. If they are in college they will choose friends as professor not good subject experts. People are there priority. While college is a system, System is an organized chain of events. Events are more important there than person. Those who are associated with system always benefited, till the system exists.
    Good managers live there life system oriented.
    Principal oriented peoples are few on this planet. They even dont care of an individual or a system it they are not eco friendly. They are designers of system for the welfare of people.