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Monday, April 25, 2011


As I said in my previous blog, I am not a very religious person but that does not mean that I do not believe in GOD. I feel the concept of God and religion are something very personal to me as an individual and I do not need to indulge in public debate on it. We all have our rights to believe or not believe in certain philosophies. The only thing that we need to make sure is that we do not make any value judgments on the basis of our own pre-conceived notions about God and Religion. First we need to learn to respect the beliefs of all whether we like it or not and even of those who ideals are in contradiction to our own beliefs.
Here I would like to address the issue of God, from my personal point of view. In doing so, I do not claim that I am right or that everyone should believe in what I am saying. It is just my way of looking at life in a larger context and how I draw strength from the unknown source of power. I don’t want to go into a discussion of existence of God itself as it would be self defeating and that is not the intent at this point of time. I believe that there is a power somewhere that controls everything. We may call it by any name that we chose to for our purpose. What is relevant for me at this time is to try and answer some of the questions raised in my previous blog “In the Name of God”.
I have visited many temples over the last so many years, but I have visited equal number of Churches, Mosques and other religious places of different faiths. I go to these places to find peace for myself, to find a place where I can focus on who I am and what am I doing. I do not go there to ask for anything because I don’t believe that God lives there or at the least that is not the only place where he lives. He is above all and is there everywhere. If we believe in the writings of the Holy book “The Geeta” then God is everywhere at all times. He is in you, in me in the trees and the animals, the air, the water etc. The concept of Dharma is critical to understanding the Hindu Religion. If we are created for a purpose, then it is our dharma to work to find the purpose of this life and work towards that achievement. If we devote all our energy to that very purpose, then that is the most sacred worship to the God. It is the devotion to our work and the honesty with which it is executed that is dharma and worship. Our scriptures clearly state that God himself says that if you do your duty in a rightful way then it would be the ideal form of devotion and worship to me. So do we need to go to temples and churches to worship? The answer is still the same that it depends on what you feel comfortable with. But at the same time don’t make any value judgments’ about those who don’t feel that it is important to go to temple to worship. They may find God inside themselves and let them continue with their devotion in their own way. It is also important that we delink rituals and religion so that we have a better perspective on the subject.
I find a lot of peace with God and have always believed that he wants me to do whatever I do in the utmost honest way with sincere effort. I have neither had any issues with those that find their own ways to reach out to God or even those that feel it is not important to them. Let us leave it to each individual to chart their own destiny and the path for him to reach or not reach God. Let religion be very personal to all of us and let us not judge anyone on this basis. I feel that the main purpose of Religion is to unite everyone, if we don’t achieve that, we have not understood it at all.
Let heavenly thoughts be with you

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