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Monday, April 11, 2011


Whether we like it or not, when we wake up in the morning we have thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow and these keep us on the edge of our seat. At times our yesterday begins to haunt us, at other times it is our today that keeps us in a state of suspended animation and then at times we are so confused about our tomorrow. These three phases of life are so relevant for our existence as human beings. But how do we manage our self so as to be able to get the best from what life has in stock for us.
Let us try and take each of these in isolations so as to get a better perspective on it. First, think of your yesterday, good or bad it is already passed by and cannot be changed. It is important to learn from yesterday as that can help us decide our actions today. If we believe that life is a chain of sequences and each event has a domino effect, it is important to make an assessment of where we can change the course of our life for better. But spending too much time on thinking about the events of the past will only get us into deeper negative zones. If your yesterday bothers you too much find someone to talk with. Don’t keep it to yourself as it can lead to loss of faith in self.
If we think of the future and most of us are in this habit (especially students and the young). The concern is about the unknown. But if you think of it, if we knew and had answers to everything in this world, the existence of GOD would be a big question mark. I do not intend to hurt the religious feeling of anyone and this should be taken as a purely academic and intellectual discussion. For many people GOD appears when their physical and mental powers begin to decline. Probably they have stopped thinking of the future the way they thought of it when they were younger. Coming back to our discussion, I have always felt that we do not have much control over our past but we certainly have all control over our future. Future is so much interlinked to my today that if I only think of the future, I probably will not be able to be where I want to be in the future.
If what I do today, will to a large extent determine my tomorrow, then most of my efforts in life should be focused on that. So how should I live my life today? Well we all have our own way of thinking about it. I just want to share my thoughts with you and hope it works for you. First, do we know the path that we want to travel? This is not easy question and probably there are no readymade answers either. But one of the things that I have believed is that if there is GOD and he created every one of us then there must have been a purpose for that creation. In that event life is really an unending search for that purpose. This makes my living life very easy. I don’t know what that purpose is but then anything that I do every day could be part of that grand design of GOD. My effort then is to do the best I can in everything that I do whether at work, home, community etc. It is not the expectation of the reward or the return that makes me do it but it is the pursuance of the great design to shape the future events in my life.  So if I continue to do everything I do with conviction, integrity and utmost honesty as a service towards that grand design of the divine, it is but natural that all the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall in place. Remember that we can run away from everything in life but we cannot run away from our self. So utmost honesty to self is more important than to anyone else and we are not here to prove this to anyone except our self.
It is important that we put in our best each day in everything that we do. May be one of those is what we are supposed to be doing. At the end of the day we should feel that we have made a difference to our life or that of some else and thus society as a whole is better off. If you live a life in this way, you fall asleep and have good night sleep. This may be our last sleep as we don’t know if we will wake up tomorrow morning. If you do get up in the morning, thank God that you have another bonus day and begin the change process all over again. If we continue to work and live life this way, I find that all doors begin to open for us everywhere in life and the future begins to be defined by what you do each day. By the way don’t worry about the money; it will come every time you are going to need it. One of the lessons I have learnt in my life is that the more you chase money, the further it goes away from you; the less you focus on it the more it begins to chase you in life.
Keep your focus on today and do the best you can do and always remember that your best is yet to come.
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  1. Congratulations! I knew that if someone could do it, then it must be you. Well done Sir!