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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We all see the world the way we like to see it and this is probably based on our own thinking. Winston Churchill once said that “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  

During the time that I have been working, I have had the opportunity to meet a large number of people. Some of these people happen to be some of the unhappy people I have met. These people find a problem in everything. In fact it is so difficult to find anything positive about them or what they think. Once I had the opportunity to have a co-worker Vishal Dogra (Name Changed) who reported directly to me. The unique characteristic of Vishal was his attitude towards work and work culture. Throughout the day all he did was to just crib about anything and everything around, from people, to the place. When I realized that things were going out of control, I invited him to have a cup of coffee with me which he gladly accepted.

During the course of our discussion I raised the issue of his negative vibrations at the work place. I asked him if there was anything wrong with the place of work and he said yes everything was wrong and there was no work culture here. He went on to say that he hates to be here, he hates the people and the work. I realized that this is a major problem and it needs a serious handling of the situation. I changed the topic and started discussing about his family and children. When I felt that he was fully involved in the discussion of his family, I asked him why you don’t leave this job if you hate the people and the place. He paused for a while.. gave a thought to my question and said Sir.. I need the money.

I asked him, so you feel the money helps you in taking care of your family responsibility and how difficult it would be if he did not have this money. He looked at me and said yes that is true. So tell me how can something that takes care of your family, provides the food on the dining table, ensures that your kids can attend a good school be so bad, I asked. He just looked at me as if something had hit him so hard. He looked at me and I could see traces of tears in his eyes.  I said look, you need to look at life in a more realistic way. Everything that looks bad is only because that is what you want to see. The day you begin to understand that you are not the center of the universe and you are just a small part of this large puzzle, you will begin to find so many things to be positive about in life every day.

I spent a lot of time discussing these issues with Vishal over a period of time. I kept stressing the need to change the way he looks at life. I felt that there was something in his early upbringing that had created the negativity in him.

The reality is that we in our daily life tend to forget the basics of living life in a positive way. We are blessed to be born to be what we are and it is important to first like yourself to like others. Those who are negative about themselves, they will always fail to see anything positive in others or the world at large. Always remember that there are so many “Vishals” that we will come across, give them a helping hand and things might change, if not the least you tried your best.

There is so much power in positive thinking and the best part of it is that is not a science but an art and thus it can be acquired. Try to be positive everyday no matter what the odds are. You will see the world and its people in a different colour.


  1. If only there were more persons like you .... who guode everyone then this world will be a more better place to live and enjoy! Yes will try ro be poditive even when negative views creep in mind! Cheers

  2. Sir
    Like the way you explain all the things in simple words with our daily schedules.
    We are also human being, I believe this natural that we get affected by our colleagues, our friends etc. Your Positive attitude and counseling can be appreciated everywhere.
    Monica Sehgal