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Monday, April 4, 2011


It is often said that we are a reflection of our own thinking. I am sure that we have all at one point or the other stood in front of the mirror to look at our self. How fascinated we get by out outer self, the part that is clearly visible to us. Think of the time when you tried to look at yourself in the mirror to see your inner self. Has it ever brought in you the thought of knowing who you really are and what makes you the way you are?

Well the problem is that we are so engrossed in our outer self that we forget that the real person in each of us get no time from our schedule. This leaves the real us living in a state of confusion and always in confrontation with the outer self. The point I am trying to drive is that we are all made of two different individuals, one that we recognize and the other that we choose not to recognize. These can also be termed as our physical self and the spiritual self. The physical self always looks at achieving the material pleasures of life and the spiritual self always looks to achieving the higher order or the divine. It is our ability to map the two into one frame of thinking so as to get the best out of us. This process of merging of the two different individuals keeps us on track and helps us move in the right direction.

I am sure we have all come across situations where there is a major confrontation between our outer self and the Inner self. In all such situations there is a conflict between the right and the wrong. It is important to hear to your inner voice during such situations and to remember that unless our two voices, of the outer and inner self are on the same plane, we may be heading in the wrong direction.

This brings us to a point where introspection of the self become one of the most critical elements in leading a life full of joy and happiness. To me introspection is nothing but the art of seeing yourself as an outsider, to analyze your actions and deeds as a third party. Once you begin to develop this skill you will find that many of life’s problems are open to solutions. You will begin to see the right path and discover the hidden secrets and strengths within yourself. Living in the fast lane has its pitfalls, we forget who we are and what we are made to be, we just become what situation demands us to become.

So how do we begin to achieve this higher order? Well one way to start is to begin to take just ten minutes every day to think about you. Get into the habit of concentration and try to focus your attention at the center of the top of your head and not on the forehead as you normally do during meditation. Slowly you will begin to see yourself surrounded by light. This is the best time to start reflecting on you. You will find great strength and see a change in how you lead your life.

Happy Reflections….


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  1. In short sir this reminds me of a very old saying of Charlie Chaplin and I quote," Mirror is my best friend because whenever I cry, It never Laughs"! Cheers