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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This blog is based on some random thought that come to my mind many a times, but I never got around to write about it.

We have all from time to time thought about our own state of imperfections as human beings. We are full of flaws. The fact that we as humans have emotions makes us very vulnerable to errors of judgment. The thought that comes to mind is that since we are imperfect and those imperfections are derived to a large extent by the degree of our emotions, it is possible for us to move towards a state of perfection if we can control our emotions. Let me take an example here: Let us say that there is some one very close to you son/daughter/spouse/father who has committed a crime and you are aware of the crime. Even though you know that the crime has been committed by the person close to you, how is it that we try and hide it or support the person? I guess we are emotional about our relation with the person. We know that this is wrong but we still do it. This is what I call as inbuilt system imperfection due to emotions within us.  So that leads me to an important question on a more philosophical level. If we as humans are imperfect due to our emotions, then it is the presence of emotions within us that makes us do right or wrong.

Many people have told me and I have read about it that God is perfect. Does it mean that God is free from emotions? If that be the case then God cannot be moved by what we do or not do as he is free from emotions and is a perfect being. Does that mean that it is possible for humans to move from the state of imperfection to a state of perfection and achieve the status of God? All indications are that this may be possible. Going back into history and looking at humans such as Gautama Buddha or Mahavir who have attained the status of God. Were they humans who reached the state of perfection. Probably they achieved a state that is not easy for humans to achieve. Will Mahatma Gandhi achieve such a status in about 200 years because he did things that are not easily done by ordinary people? The answer may be yes...

I do not claim that through the above examples I am trying to prove that they all reached the level of perfection that is required to achieve the status of God. I am just trying to understand if it is possible for ordinary humans to move towards a state of perfection in a given life time. One other area that comes to mind is that if emotions are the key hurdle in the path of perfection, then God cannot be emotional, God has to be fair to all his subjects (remember that everyone is equal in the eyes of God..I am sure you have heard of it). If that be the case then God has to be emotionless. He cannot be moved by your prayers or you cannot make him do things on the basis of your actions or inactions. He will probably let you rewrite you destiny by your actions.

Now let’s get back to us as human beings. I believe that we have the power to move towards a state of perfection, but most of us live in material world and reaching that level of perfection is not going to be easy. But we can all make efforts to try and travel that path to the extent that will result in fulfillment to each of us to some degree. Let us take example from our own life and work. We have all come across situations where we have supported the promotion of a person in the work place because it happens to be our friend. But within us (hear the inner voice) we may feel that the other person is more deserving. Are our emotions at play here again, I feel that it is. It is our inability to keep control over our emotions that makes us do things that may not be right. So the first lesson is to try and be fair with people irrespective of the emotional attachments. I cannot claim to be a saint and most people would not fit that bill either but we can try and make efforts to move towards perfection

I know that achieving perfection is not an easy task and it will require us to give up so many things that we treasure so much. So the effort should be just to move one step ahead in path to perfection.

Continue to discover the path to perfection….

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