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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Its 6:30 in the morning sitting in my room at the Taj President Mumbai, I am gazing at the beauty of the vast ocean which seems endless. The ocean view is somewhat obstructed by the tall tower with a helipad that is the current house of the Ambani Brothers (that is what I have been told by my cab driver).  We have all heard the story of the rise of the Ambani’s and where they are today. But let us go back to the early years when Senior Ambani was still trying to make it in life. He probably never thought that one day he will create an empire so vast that generations can live on it and millions can benefit from it.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this subject and wanted to share with you my thoughts on work and wealth. Many of the things I am writing are from my own personal experiences as well as the experiences of people around me. We are all aware that money is an important factor that determines our standard of living and our ability to provide for our families. Many times we are in such a rush to attain that status of having everything so fast in life that we begin to cross the boundaries of ethical behavior. The concept of too much money too fast is what most of us try to push in life so as to enable us to enjoy the benefits from it for a longer time. I have never denied the important role that money plays in giving us the comforts of material life. In fact I would like to meet some people who feel money is not important but I have never had a chance to meet such people. But there is a difference in how I look at money vs how many people would think about it and probably that is what makes the difference between being happy and unhappy.

I have come across so many people who say that life has not been fair with them because they did not make it big by their definition. I have always felt that life is always fair but much depends on what is your comparison or benchmark. We have to remember that no matter where we are in life.. there are some people who are below us in the social strata that we create for our self. Life will always be unfair if your comparison is always at the top. Sometimes it is ok for all of us to begin to be happy with our stature but not be satisfied with it. The dissatisfaction with the current state can help us move our work life in a direction which can change the course of our life.

In the early years of my life when I was trying to raise a family with very small amount of income, times were tough. I however, never felt the urge to make it big too fast. I knew that I have to go through the rough grind that is necessary to achieve what I wanted in life. I did not want to chase money during those years. In one instance I made a decision to change a job where my income fell by over 70 percent. That decision changed my life for the better and I never looked back again. I was too heavily focused on the achievement of my objectives relating to work and the organizations I was associated. I never worked for anyone, I always felt that I was doing something for myself and probably that is what provided the platform for my growth. Somehow the money came to me as and when I needed it. I still get surprised with people who feel that they need so much money to take a job. The fact is all of us need that kind of money..but do we deserve it. If money comes without work, it will not last for too long and somewhere in life you will have to pay for it.

Money that comes to you as a result of your hard work and efforts is what stays with you and gives you and your family happiness. While you work and get paid at the end of the month, you should carry the feeling that I earned this money. I know of so many people who feel that one more month of salary without work and they keep moving from one job to another trying to fool the next employer. This does not take you anywhere in life. It is very important that every rupee that you bring home is hard earned money and it is a return for the efforts that we have made to make things happen for our organizations.
Don’t be in a rush to make money too fast, you are more likely to try and find the wrong ways of doing it. It is important that you enjoy every phase of growth in your life and create a success story for yourself and not compare it to anyone. We need to write our own story the way we want it. One of the important lessons that I have learnt in life is that money runs away if you are going to try and chase it all the time, but it begins to chase you when you begin to let go of it and focus on your work and dream.

Happy reading…

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